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Assisted Living Billing Software

  Billing Center

A True Resident Portal
All functionalities relating to a resident can be performed simplistically with a click from the Bill Junction. Edit information, run assessment, view bills and collections, print, mail or fax resident bills, along with a host of functions.


Resident Monthly Billing – A One-Step Process
You will love monthly resident billing. View Resident Charges exceptions to ensure correct invoicing. A click of the mouse generates all Resident Bills.


Simplistic Resident Ledger
Drill capabilities allow viewing invoices, debit, credits and payment received from residents. View resident ledger covering any time frame you select.

  Medicaid Billing - Made Easier
View Medicaid balances at any time. Apply collections, provide credits and debits, and adjust Medicaid re-imbursements, all from a single screen. Right Click does the calculations, updates, and adjustments for you..

Couldn’t Be Any Easier
Change resident status, move a resident to another apartment, or correct an error, all retroactively or in the future easily, with Right Click doing all the calculations for you.


Always Know Resident Aging
Know what is due from residents instantaneously. View resident aging on any date in the past or in the future. Apply collections to aging.


Real time Occupancy, Vacancy, and Availability
Know your occupancy in real-time. Updated instantaneously, know which units will become available on which dates. See units with deposits as they occur.







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